Saturday, December 20, 2003

Well where to start that is the thing, it is really a very long story, but to cut it short since we were married some 20 years ago, yes 20 and believe me it has not been all wonderful, but over the past fewyears we havent so much as grown apart but i would say grown to used to each other.

Well as the i guess frustrated male i decided it was time to do something about it, hhhmmmm i am beging to think maybe i shouldnt.

You see i decided after reading and reading loads of sites, stories etc that i would ask my wife J if she would like a maid or slave, i was surprised and it was only yesterday when without hesitation she said yes please, but who?

i think she saw the glint in my eyes and said no not you, no way, you dont want to be a maid do you, erm erm well i replied well i was thinking of a slave for you. " oh no she said, you have got to be a maid if this is what you want and it not a one of thing that makes you feel sexy and then you have your way it will be permanent.

This got me really thinking what to do, had i gone to far, could i do this, is it really what i wanted, and i said ok but can we try it for say a month first please, " well ok she said but under my instruction" i have agreed to this and will inform all as time goes by and at least i think things will be happening twice or more a weeks so please folks come and watch my life to be maybe !!!!!!
Well today i have had to go out and buy some panties for myself though not for my wife, why i am not sure really, but no doubt i will find out, also i have had to buy a riding crop and i can guess what that is for, but being new to all this i am not sure how it will be used or when.

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